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COVID - 19 Virus Disinfection Services Available 24/7

Preventive Disinfection Against COVID-19
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With the rising number of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in our region, people are avoiding public spaces and asking what businesses are doing to protect their customers and employees.

Prominent's team of certified professionals has provided cleaning and sanitizing services for years following CDC guidelines. Our disinfecting protocol will help reduce the spread of germs and viruses in your home or business meeting your needs.

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Hygiene Products: Highly specialized touch surface products to eliminate 99.99% of viruses.

Enhanced disinfecting: We us EPA registered disinfectants to ensure complete elimination of pathogens.

Frequent cleaning: we determine occupancy levels and high traffic areas to determine your specific needs.

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Sometimes, cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic surfaces and rooms isn’t enough to completely eliminate germs and viruses. That’s why we use IQ Air technology used by healthcare facilities world wide proven to kill 99.9999% of C. difficile spores, along with a broad range of other pathogens in infection-prone environments.


Safe for humans and pets, IQ Air Technology™ leaves your space 99.999% germ and virus free within 30 mins, and within 60 minutes your property will be safe to re-enter and resume normal living. IQ Air™ applies multiple mechanisms of killing action to attack pathogens and eliminate odors present in highly-susceptible environments. From hospitals to surgical centers, long-term care facilities, compounding pharmacies, classrooms, athletic centers and more, IQ Air™ acts as a comprehensive surface disinfection solution to safely and thoroughly eliminate pathogens where they lurk by reaching all areas, even the ones you cant see. As a registered fungicide, bactericide, and virucide, IQ Air™ is equipped to handle any disinfection or remediation challenge.

The Markets We Serve

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Raising the Standard for Hospital Disinfection

Day Care Centers

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Keeping Schools Healthy Through Disinfection

Funeral Homes

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Sanitization for Funeral Homes

Commercial Stores

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Commercial Stores with high traffic lets help you stay open through COVID-19

Life Sciences

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Whole Room Disinfection for a Diverse Industry


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Knocking Out Dangerous Pathogens in Athletic Settings


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Preparation for the next COVID-19 Re-Opening phases Mall Sanitization Daily or Weekly


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Colleges Re-Opening Lets Help Keep students SAFE!

Hair Salons

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Let us help keep your business going through these hard times. 

Commercial Buildings

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Commercial Buildings we can help re-open corporate Offices.


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Small Business Stores

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Home Disinfection Family Safety First



Small Business Stores we can help your business re-open weekly or monthly cleaning





  • Cold Fog Cleaning 

Cleaning and disinfection is selective to food contact surfaces and can lead to the potential survival of micro-organisms in the wider environment. Whole room disinfection enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected.

Cold fogging may be a good method to use against the coronavirus. It can reach places that are hard to reach with the usual surface decontamination methods. Another benefit is that it may disinfect the air. The cold fogging checmicals are EPA-registered to be effective against other hard-to-kill viruses. While we do not know how effective they are against the coronavirus, the CDC says these disinfectants could be effective based on current data for use on other viruses. Cold fogging in combination with surface disinfecting may help to prevent the virus’ spread, though no definite claims can be made. 

We want to do all that we can to slow down the coronavirus from infecting more people. Following the CDC’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting is one of the ways to do so. Washing your hands and cleaning all high-touch surfaces may make a difference in this pandemic. 

  • Air Quality Improvement & Indoor Air Quality Reports

Compare your Indoor Air Quality with the nearest monitoring station*. Discover sources of pollution so you can breathe clean air – both indoors and out.

Prominent Services uses  IQAir air filtration technology to achieve clean air technology using only safe, proven, mechanical filtration technology, without generating dangerous ions, ozone, or UV. Mechanical filtration is the safest, healthiest, and most effective technology to clean the air. Mechanical filters such as IQAir's particle filters remove particles from the air by safely capturing them on filter materials. Why risk your health on less effective methods when IQAir offers proven protection without harmful byproducts?

  • Deep Clean- All Surfaces

​Deep cleaning of all surfaces in your establishment with EPA- Approved COVID-19 Disinfectant.Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still novel, so we continually consult with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date solutions and utilize CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants.

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