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Virtual Home Inspections 

Property inspections are a fairly straightforward process, which over the years technology has made even easier. The days of using a polaroid camera to take photos of the property and then faxing in the report are thankfully long gone. Now as video conferencing has advanced and been widely adopted, this technology has changed the process of conducting a property inspection so we can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.



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What we inspect with commercial building inspection is similar to a home inspection (see Maryland standards); we evaluate all accessible structural, roof coverings, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. We typically do not inspect building fixtures such as restaurant equipment, service station lifts and equipment, medical equipment, etc. For these you should hire a specialist. Depending on you location may also need to have the fire marshal evaluate the building for fire escape markings, properly placed and documented fire extinguishers, and other life and safety devices.

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 Many homebuyers feel that they do not need a professional home inspector because local building inspectors inspect new homes. A municipal inspection is not enough; the purpose, scope, time allowed and procedures are not the same for municipal inspections as they are for professional home inspections. Think of it this way, after the holidays there are lines at the return counter to replace defective products. When applied to new homes, thinking that new equals perfect can lead to very costly mistakes.

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A multi-family or commercial building purchase is a considerable investment.  A building inspection is an absolute necessity to protect your investment. A comprehensive inspection identifies defects or issues that could be expensive to fix down the road. B&H Inspections meets and exceeds Illinois state standards for inspections. We are also insured. We adhere to the ethics and standards of InterNACHI. You can feel confident in the inspection report and your decision.

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                           BUYER’S INSPECTION

This inspection is designed to provide homebuyers of single family homes, condos, or townhomes with a comprehensive assessment of a prospective home’s condition. We inspect most visible and readily accessible areas. A detailed inspection report will be available within 24 hours of the completed service. If you have any questions about your report, please call us at any time between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.—seven days a week!

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                        PRE-LISTING INSPECTION

This inspection is a detailed evaluation of a home that is going to be put up for sale. Prior to sending out your listing for the home, we’ll thoroughly inspect the property for defective or damaged components. Knowledge of this information can support a successful sale by giving you a chance to make repairs and to keep prospective buyers up to speed throughout the negotiating process

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A new home should be evaluated by a licensed third-party home inspector prior to construction being completed. This will give you knowledge of potential defects or unsafe material application so that the matter can be taken up with the builders at a time that’s still convenient.

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                         WDI/TERMITE INSPECTION

We’re licensed to perform our own residential Termite Inspections. We’ll methodically look over the entire home for signs of termite damage so that you’ll be prepared to negotiate repairs with the seller of the home if necessary. We’ll also look for signs of current infestations.

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                                RADON TESTING

Radon is a naturally-occurring gas that leaves radioactive compounds behind as it breaks down. Because the gas is odorless, invisible, and can easily enter a home through cracks in the foundation, it’s important to have the home tested by a professional. Radon is known to cause serious lung conditions over long-time exposure, including lung cancer. Inspector Michael Mackey is a licensed Radon Measurement Tech who performs radon tests in schools as well as homes.

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